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Q & A


Questions and Answers

What is the aim of the website?
The aim of this site is to allow people to view Audrey Evans’s paintings. It also allows people interested in art to find out more about Audrey Evans and her views.

Who’s site is this?
This site was set up by Audrey Evans – the site as not sponsored by any business or art entity and is independent – the site is the individual website of Audrey Evans the artist.

Why was the website started?
It was started to provide people easy access to Audrey Evans’s art work as well as his ideas and views on art.

What are Audrey Evans’ other interests?
Audrey Evans is in a local ceildh band called the Newlyn Reelers which plays at many local events, weddings, socials, parties etc. Audrey has a family of five grown-up children and ten grandchildren. Audrey is involved in the local community and enjoys travel. She also a member of the NSA (Newlyn Society of Artists). Very sadly Audrey's husband Bernard Evans, another artist well known in Cornwall - passed away on 30 July 2014 after a short illness age 85.

Prices? They cover a wide range from woodcut small prints and sketches without frames for ca. £25 up to £400 for large finished works that are framed.

How do I contact Audrey Evans?
Please can call her on +44 (0) 1736 366284 or by email on .